What is Design?

We are all designers.

Design is in all of us and its everywhere From the coffee cup we sip in the morning while rushing to work to the couch we sit and relax in the evening surfing away through TV channels.But it is evident that there are more bad designs than good ones and the way we perceive this through the way it makes our lives better or yet gives us a good living experience. To some the world is black and white and there are no grey in between, and the same can be expressed about design itself it’s either good or bad and nothing in between.I personally think a ‘grey’ area exists which is where you utilize any design solution to its alternate potential; and it is that part of the extent that governs creativity to a new level. It’s a creative process that regenerates after that object has accomplished its initial purpose. And that’s what jammed with our group members and we decided to further look into this creative freedom, which is that particular ‘grey’ area. I think the question ‘what design is’ is paradox that denotes ‘ What makes a designer’; is it possible to design something by non-designers and make it work in real life situations? It’s crucial for a designer to make things aesthetically picture-perfect but does it jeopardize its form and function?

Can design be an idea? Or the other way around? So what makes an idea? A need for a solution to a problem, a blue print of the creative mind? But ideas aren't simple anymore it’s the most resilient parasite that grows within your subconscious and evolves into a much complex solution. Design doesn't have to have a format or a representation but a structural value that reveals in a multitude of actions. It’s the flexibility of design that makes it adaptable to circumstances. The important part lies in the trial and error process that sits in between the idea and the outcome that makes it a good design.

Though designers are measured to think out of the box but in reality are chained down to a commercial environment that significantly constrain the thought process controlling a different route than once considered. But to an ordinary person these rules might bend to a point where necessity lays above all aspects to make life a better living experience. We live in a design lead world, where technology and design go alongside and have a significant impact on our daily lives. And it is that need to fulfill the proficiency of our lives to a degree that ordinary people become the necessary designers.

I've come across several design practitioners and the way our idea evolved into something entirely different I've ever experienced. Before looking into this question I never really realized that design is a process for the outcome, I always thought it’s the outcome that win everyone. And also being able to collaborate with different creative individuals from fashion to product design helped me realize the importance of diversity in design practice.But the answer to the question doesn't end here; instead my expedition begins.

Below is my contribution to use a pair of worn out converse shoes and turning it into a hand glove for the love of design.