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Bangla Typography1971: 50 Years Of Independence

 The Bangla alphabet is used to write the Bengali language based on the

Bengali-Assamese script There are a total of 50 letters, 11 vowels, and 39 consonants.

Its been 50 years since On March 25, 1971 - the war broke out in every corner of the country with Pakistan.

With limited resources and abilities, people from all walks of life joined the struggle for freedom.

Bangladesh is the only nation in the world to have fought for and won its independence on the basis

of preserving the right to speak its own language.

3 Million Bangladeshi people died; it was a Genocide.

Powerful lyrics can be turned into lethal weapons.

During the war time a radio station of the resistance broadcast 'Joy Bangla'r Gaan' (The songs of freedom)

in a secret frequency for inspiring people to protest for a free Bangladesh. 

The idea here was to capture the 'fluid movement' of Bengali letters.

These letters has been captured using low shutter speed light trail photography.

The final use of these letters went on to recreate the 'Mutkibahini' War Posters

and one of the verse from the songs of '71 by Govinda Halder.

"Mora Ekti Phul Ke Bachabobole Juddho Kori"

(We're ready to fight to save a single flower, we take up arms to bring smiles to those we love)

to celebrate the 50 years of Liberation War.

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